Care Coordination in the News

Obamacare Signups for Private Plans Surpass 3 Million
The Obama administration has reported that 3 million people have signed up for private health coverage under Obamacare in 2014. They are expecting more than 3.23 million enrollments by then end of January 2014. (Read More)
HIE Can Help Identify ED 'Frequent Fliers' for Care Coordination
Data gathered from the Health Information Exchange (HIE) can help accurately identify "frequent fliers", or patients who regularly frequent hospital emergency departments. This information can help with case management and ensuring patients receive the best care. (Read More)
Aetna and Philly Docs Using Medical Home Model to Make Cancer Care Better
Aetna is tesint out the patient-centered medical home model at an oncology center in Philadelphia. The idea is to provide a more intimate relationship between the patient and the medical team. (Read More)
Five Things to Think About When Picking Your Health Insurance Plan
When picking insurance providers, where it comes from is not the only thing to consider. Read tips about what other important factors should go into picking the best insurance plan for you. (Read More)
Care Coordination Strategies Can Decrease Hospital Readmission of Frequent Fliers
One percent of patients consumed 21 percent of the $1.3 trillion spent on health care in 2010, at a cost of $88,000/person. The patients, often know as high-frequency patients or frequent fliers, battle costly multiple chronic illnesses and often end up in the ER. Hospitals work to reduce readmissions of such patients by utilizing care coordination strategies, which can decrease annual spending on a group of dual eligible patients by $2,500 per patient.
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