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State Directors

Expand your potential as a legislative leader in your state by serving as a Women In Government State Director.
Apply to fill a Women In Government State Director vacancy today and take advantage of these benefits:
  • Visibility across Women In Government’s communications channels
  • Leadership and professional development opportunities
  • Invitations to exclusive learning and community-building activities
  • Recognition during a Women In Government State Capitol visit
  • Leveraging policy expertise on individual issues with legislators in all 50 states
  • Participation in the Women In Government Board of Directors leadership pipeline

Women In Government’s State Directors play an integral role in cultivating a network of women state legislators that amplify the work of female lawmakers nationwide. State Directors inform Women In Government of current, critical policy issues in their states and assist in communicating Women In Government’s programming and opportunities to their legislator colleagues.

Women In Government aims to fill 4 State Director positions in every state, with balance across party and chamber, in keeping with our mission. All State Director applications are approved by Women In Government’s all-legislator Board of Directors. If your party and chamber is already represented by another State Director, we encourage you to nominate a colleague from your state. We also encourage legislators to nominate colleagues in other states and spread the word about this opportunity!

For any questions about the Women In Government State Director program, please contact Communications and Outreach Manager Lindsey Blair at

2024 Women In Government State Directors

Alabama (S)
Rep. Laura Hall (D)
Sen. April Weaver (R)
◼◼ Open Seats (2)

Alaska (W)
Rep. Sara Hannan (D)
Rep. Alyse Galvin (D)
◼◼ Open Seats (2)

Arizona (W)
Rep. Jennifer Pawlik (D)
Rep. Selina Bliss (R)
Sen. Sally Ann Gonzales (D)
◼Open Seats (1)

Arkansas (S)
Rep. Denise Garner (D)
◼◼◼ Open Seats (3)

California (W)
◼◼◼◼ Open Seats (4)

Colorado (W)
Rep. Naquetta Ricks (D)
◼◼◼ Open Seats (3)

Connecticut (E)
Rep. Michelle Cook (D)
Rep. Robyn Porter (D)
Rep. Kathy Kennedy (R)
◼ Open Seats (1)

Delaware (E)
Rep. Sherry Dorsey Walker (D)
Rep. Valerie Longhurst (D)
◼◼Open Seats (2)

Florida (S)
Rep. Marie Woodson (D)
Sen. Lori Berman (D)
Sen. Colleen Burton (R)
◼ Open Seat (1)

Georgia (S)
Rep. Karen Bennett (D)
Rep. Sheila Jones (D)
Sen. Tonya Anderson (D)
◼Open Seat (1)

Hawaii (W)
Rep. Della Au Belatti (D)
◼◼◼ Open Seats (3)

Idaho (W)
Sen. Tammy Nichols (R)
Rep. Julie Yamamoto (R)
◼◼ Open Seat (2)

Illinois (M)
Rep. Sonya Harper (D)
Sen. Cristina Castro (D)
◼◼ Open Seats (2)

Indiana (M)
Rep. Pat Boy (D)
◼◼◼ Open Seats (3)

Iowa (M)
◼◼◼◼ Open Seats (4)

Kansas (M)
Rep. Stephanie Clayton (D)
Sen. Elaine Bowers (R)
Sen. Pat Pettey (D)
◼ Open Seat (1)

Kentucky (S)
Rep. Deanna Frazier Gordon (R)
Rep. Keturah Herron (D)
Rep. Rachel Roberts (D)
Rep. Nancy Tate (R)

Louisiana (S)
Rep. Aimee Adatto Freeman (D)
Rep. Barbara Freiberg (R)
Sen. Regina Barrow (D)
◼ Open Seat (1)

Maine (E)
Rep. Rachel Henderson (R)
Rep. Holly Stover (D)
Sen. Lisa Keim (R)
◼ Open Seats (1)

Maryland (E)
Del. April Miller (R)
Del. Rachel Muñoz (R)
Del. Nicole Williams (D)
Del. Jamila Woods (D)

Massachusetts (E)
Rep. Kimberly Ferguson (R)
Sen. Robyn Kennedy (D)
Rep. Hannah Kane (R)
Sen. Joan Lovely (D)

Michigan (M)
Sen. Sarah Anthony (D)
Sen. Sylvia Santana (D)
Rep. Brenda Carter (D)
◼ Open Seat (1)

Minnesota (M)
Rep. Mary Franson (R)
Sen. Sandy Pappas (D)
Sen. Alice Mann (D)
Sen. Karin Housley (R)

Mississippi (S)
Rep. Becky Currie (R)

Rep. Omeria Scott (D)
Sen. Angela Turner Ford (D)
◼ Open Seats (1)

Missouri (M)
Rep. Cyndi Buchheit-Courtway (R)
Rep. Barbara Phifer (D)
Rep. Cheri Toalson Reisch (R)
Sen. Barbara Ann Washington (D)

Montana (W)
Sen. Andrea Olsen (D)
◼◼◼ Open Seats (3)

Nebraska (M)
Sen. Anna Wishart (NP)
◼◼◼ Open Seats (3)

Nevada (W)
Sen. Dallas Harris (D)
Asw. Michelle Gorelow (D)
◼◼ Open Seats (2)

New Hampshire (E)
Rep. Fran Nutter-Upham (D)
Rep. Wendy Thomas (D)
◼◼ Open Seats (2)

New Jersey (E)
Asm. Pamela Lampitt (D)
Asm. Shavonda Sumter (D)
◼◼ Open Seats (2)

New Mexico (W)
Rep. Gail Armstrong (R)
Rep. Cathrynn Brown (R)
Rep. Pamelya Herndon (D)
Rep. Liz Thomson (D)

New York (E)
◼◼◼◼ Open Seats (4)

North Carolina (S)
Rep. Amber Baker (D)
Rep. Laura Budd (D)
◼◼ Open Seats (2)

North Dakota (M)
Rep. Mary Schneider (D)
◼◼ Open Seats (3)

Ohio (M)
Rep. Bride Rose Sweeney (D)
Sen. Nickie Antonio (D)
◼◼ Open Seats (2)

Oklahoma (M)
Rep. Melissa Provenzano (D)
Rep. Tammy Townley (R)
Sen. Carri Hicks (D)
◼Open Seats (1)

Oregon (W)
Sen. Janeen Sollman (D)
Rep. Bobby Levy (R)
Rep. Emerson Levy (D)
◼ Open Seats (1)

Pennsylvania (E)
Rep. Kate Klunk (R)
Sen. Amanda Cappelletti (D)
◼◼Open Seats (2)

Rhode Island (E)
Rep. Barbara Ann Fenton-Fung (R)
Sen. Meghan Kallman (D)
Rep. Grace Diaz (D)
◼Open Seats (1)

South Carolina (S)
Rep. Beth Bernstein (D)
Rep. Annie McDaniel (D)
◼◼ Open Seats (2)

South Dakota (M)
◼◼◼◼ Open Seats (4)

Tennessee (S)
Rep. Mary Littleton (R)
Sen. Raumesh Akbari (D)
Sen. Becky Massey (R)
Sen. London Lamar (D)

Texas (W)
Rep. Alma Allen (D)
Rep. Toni Rose (D)
◼◼ Open Seats (2)

Utah (W)
Rep. Marsha Judkins (R)
Rep. Rosemary Lesser (D)
◼◼ Open Seats (2)

Vermont (E)
◼◼◼◼ Open Seats (4)

Virginia (S)
Del. Shelly Simonds (D)

◼◼◼ Open Seats (3)

Washington (W)
Rep. Gina Mosbrucker (R)
Sen. Patty Kuderer (D)   
Sen. Ann Rivers (R)
Rep. Tina Orwall (D)

West Virginia (E)
Del. Kathie Hess Crouse (R)
Sen. Laura Wakim Chapman (R)
Del. Anitra Hamilton (D)
◼Open Seats (1)

Wisconsin (M)
Rep. Lisa Subeck (D)
Sen. Joan Ballweg (R)
◼◼ Open Seats (2)

Wyoming (W)
Rep. Ember Oakley (R)
◼◼◼ Open Seats (3)

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